Are your favorite jeans hard to button up?
Is your favorite dress too tight?
Does your body make you feel insecure?

We know how that feels, because we went through the same struggle.

Our 4 week plan will help you start your weight loss journey so you can get your body toned and skyrocket your confidence.

1. Assessment


We are excited to hear about your current eating habits, fitness experience and goals.

2. The Plan

You will receive access to your daily workout routine and simple and delicious recipes that will fit your time and availability.

3. Action


Our weekly coaching session will keep you accountable and help you overcome the obstacles.

The Details

12 week program.
12 sessions minimum.
Sessions held privately at the gym or at your home.
Phone & online coaching available.

Eve, NY

As a cardio junkie with no lifting experience, my main goal was to familiarize myself with the weight room and to build strength. Niko’s plan helped me lose 7% of my body fat within three months, but most importantly, his plan completely transformed my attitude towards working out. I would highly recommend Nikola’s plan to anyone looking to make significant change and progress.

Bruce, NY

“I’ve followed Niko’s plan and have seen amazing results. Thanks to his combination of challenging workouts and an easy to follow meal plan I was able to go from barely fitting in size 36 to size 32 in just 12 weeks. I wasn’t able to fit in size 32 since college. It feels amazing!”

Lee Anne, NJ

“Following Niko’s plan impacted my lifestyle beyond my expectations. I have to admit that I wasn’t consistent with his meal plan for the first few months but I kept following his workout routines. Once I became more dedicated to the meal plan, my waist size went down from snug 8 to lose 6 and it’s still going down! I’m back in the clothes that I haven’t been able to wear in years!”

Steve, FL

“Niko’s plan helped me lose over 20 lbs. The workouts are very effective and his meal plan helped me develop better eating habits. I feel great and I’m looking forward to continue this journey.”



Growing up in Serbia, Nikola’s favorite foods were croissants, burgers, chocolate, ice cream and coca cola, which ultimately became a staple of his diet. He did not like vegetables and he had no interest in eating healthy. The word “diet” did not exist in his vocabulary until in his early 20’s when his weight gradually went up. This weight gain made Nikola feel insecure, self conscious and unattractive.

These emotional hardships pushed him to consider a diet for the very first time. Upon moving to the USA, he finally had enough of emotional challenges and he decided to start a low calorie, low fat diet.

After months of hard dieting and intense exercising passed by, instead of losing weight, Nikola encountered quite opposite effects.

His favorite jeans became too tight and he had to loosen up his belt so his belly would not hang over it. He stepped on a scale and he was shocked to see, the scale tipped over 250 lb. At this point Nikola thought he would never be able to lose weight. He was devastated. It was a very emotional moment for him and he almost quit. But Nikola believed that the pain he was feeling is temporary, but if he quits the pain would last forever.


Knowing that something was wrong in his “healthy” diet, Nikola became obsessed with reading books and attending seminars about nutrition and fitness. The new information he learned gave him confidence to try a new approach. Instead of eating small portions, exercising 7 days per week and feeling hungry all the time, Nikola embraced eating 3-4 big healthy meals per day and exercising 4-5 days per week. The results were incredible.

Nikola managed to lose 40 lb in the first 6 months and gradually 20 more. Most importantly, he never felt better in his life.

During his journey, Nikola was amazed to discovere that his transformation fueled some of his friends with hope that they too, can achieve their dream body. He was frequently asked for advice and he enjoyed sharing tips. This ultimately led Nikola to become certified nutrition coach and fitness trainer and to serve others as a weight loss coach.

Nikola’s greatest passion is to help you to achieve your very best body ever.

You are one step away from getting the body you deserve.

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